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  • as long as there are more buyers, than selrels prices go up.. but at a certain point buyers start looking at the fundamentals, and decide they want out. with real estate, that process takes months. its not going to happen in a week its going to be months .nortel, bre-x, etc, there were buyers right at the very end paying higher prices until well we know how that turned out. the rest of the country is starting to change momentum calgary will also. i feel bad for people paying more than average for something smaller the selrels are probably sleeping easy i know i sure would be. Maybe the better question us how much more debt can people take on?ReplyCancel

  • en ce qui concerne Rita, il ne faudrait pas exagéré quant à son talent (de chanteuse)… la comparaison avec Piaf ou Billie Holiday est parfaitement scandaleuse… une gueularde et provoc, un point c’est tout… désolé ma C(l)opine… hihihi… on est loin de Frank qui nous manque…ReplyCancel

  • Hey Jigar Patel can u help me unlock my modem then if its not possible to increase the speed plus i want u to tell me if its still possible to crack it to access internet for free.Device name: E153Serial number: KMA5TA1142503671IMEI: 356342046306052ReplyCancel

  • Ricardo o que esta bem, digamos assim, pessoa, escreve… eh pá como diz o nosso JJ prontes …Não conheço o sitio e assim já sei que não é necessário ir lá…Das duas uma: é familiar do senhor, é um amigo do peito ou tem negócios com o primeirissimo! É fácil!ReplyCancel

  • Whew. Glad you walked away with your head held high and a little taller too. And as far as the Darwin Award–yep, he earned that one fair and square.ReplyCancel

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