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“Ilia makes excellence look effortless. She is wonderful to work with, and all the more so because of the work she does. An extraordinary photographer with a gift for capturing extraordinary images… without even seeming to try.”

~ Stuart McLean, Author, The Vinyl Cafe

“Ilia is Canada’s best kept secret. A completely natural talent and as engaging in her work as an artist as she is to be photographed by. An inspiring visionary who takes chances. I can’t wait to do more photos with her!”

~Emm Gryner, Musician

“Ilia’s photographs capture the beauty and the dignity of the people and landscape of Uganda and Ghana.  They help to illuminate the great challenges that these countries face and the amazing hope and resilience of their people.”

~David Brook, Director of Strategic Projects, Grand Challenges Canada

“Healthy Child Uganda with great pleasure conveys its heart-felt appreciation to you for assisting us by taking fantastic field photographs for the project.  They will be used frequently to represent our project.  We are sincerely indebted to you.”

~ Jen Brenner, Program Director, Healthy Child Uganda

“You were absolutely perfect!  Everything you did for us on our wedding day – I am not even sure where to begin to thank you!  We loved every second of everything you did with us…and everyone agreed that you worked so hard and everything you did was “magical”. This word was used over and over by many of the guests. There were at least 5 couples that came up to me throughout the wedding to say they wished they could go back and redo their weddings with you as their photographer. You really were one the biggest and most meaningful parts of our big day.  Thank you for that!”

~ Jennie and Dak, Wedding Clients

“I can’t even believe it.  The pictures are gorgeous!!  Every person who has seen them loves them and you. I can’t even begin to imagine not having these beautiful pictures.  What great memories.  Thanks so much for all that you did.  You are truly an artist! I honestly couldn’t be any happier.  Your work is exceptional…. above all the rest.”

~Elliott and Kalyn, Wedding Clients

“Ilia, words cannot begin to describe how thankful we are for you! You blew our expectations out of the water and you’re so fun to work with! You are amazing!!!”

~Marc and Amanda, Wedding Clients

“You definitely captured our love for each other perfectly”

~Paul and Leilani, Wedding Clients

“You totally captured our love and we couldn’t thank you enough. We will never forget the experiences we shared with you”

~Lindsay and Luke, Wedding Clients

“Ilia’s photos are spectacular- so so beautiful! I can’t wait to get back and live with them- they are so on point”

~Damhnait Doyle, Musician

“Thank you. Honestly, thank you Ilia for the amazing job you and your team did. I am so happy! We have just started looking through these photos and already I’m over the moon :)”

~ Jade and Aaron, Wedding Clients

“I always tell everyone you were the best money we ever spent!”

~Tara and Matt, Wedding Clients

“Amazing photographer! Almost 8 years later and we still LOVE them and get compliments on your tremendous work!”

~Theresa and Mark, Wedding Clients

“Ilia, I just saw the wedding pictures of Melissa and Darek on your blog. They are absolutely beautiful. I am tearing up so much I can hardly see the computer screen. Thank you so much for taking such gorgeous pictures of Darek and Melissa and all the attendants. You captured the moment in every one of the pictures that you took and we can’t thank you enough.. You made this day very special for all of us . Now we can keep reliving this special moment in time for ever and ever. Thank you again for all that you do. I hope you know just how special you are and how much joy your bring to people!!!!

~ Sue and Art, Parents of the Bride, Wedding Clients

“Thank you so much for being a total superstar for us on our wedding day. You went so far and beyond any expectations we had and did an incredible (incredible!!) job with our photos! Your kindness and professionalism & amazing talent for capturing all the right moments is something we will never ever forget!!”

~Brent & Jen Mossop, Wedding Clients

“My Husband and I hired Ilia to photograph our wedding after seeing her amazing work. Ilia is a creative photographer who is extremely professional. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!” February 13, 2012Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

~ Noorin Sidi, Wedding Clients
“Photography is a funny thing. Everyone it seems has a decent camera, but very few people can take good pictures. I think it’s best described as the “Art of Seeing”. Ilia has this art. Somehow when I photograph my projects myself, they look just kind of ok. When Ilia does it, they look spectacular. I wish I knew how she did it. Investing in photography by Ilia has paid for itself many times over, in that it puts forth an image for my firm that is high quality, professional, and creative.” January 27, 2012Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
~ Graham Whiting, Client 2008 – 2011
“Ilia Horsburgh did photography for both our engagement and wedding and was a pleasure to work with. She handled herself well, was extremely personable, and has a vision for photography. A number of guests remarked on Ilia’s friendly demeanor, and professionalism. The ability to make the subject feel at ease and comfortable is incredibly important in photography, and Ilia did this, and more. Her unique style made her the perfect choice for our special day.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
~David Griebling, Wedding Client
“Ilia came as a recommendation from a friend and what a stroke of genius meeting her was. Under quite sensitive circumstances, Ilia was creative, professional and lovely. She helped to make the event a very kind and compassionate ending. I felt that she really understood what was happening underneath the events and her work is much loved because it captured a very transformative day in my life. Very inspirational for writing.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
~ Sabrina Ali, Client
“I am so glad that I hired Ilia to take professional photographs for my clinic! Ilia knows how to take shots that highlight your best angles, and that really capture the essence of who you are.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
~ Sarah Millar, Client
“We decided on Ilia based on her on-line portfolio and we were so lucky to have her do our wedding photography! She and her assistant took lots and lots of pictures all day, everything worked out beautifully. We have since moved and hired local photographers for other projects and were disappointed. Ilia is the best in Canada!”Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
~ Jonathan Visscher, Wedding Client

“Your cool and calm presence, with your eye for detail and creativity on our wedding day, is what really made the photography work for us, our family, and our guests. Your photos are not just photos – they tell the story of our special day. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations and for giving us photography that will stand the test of time!”

~Jenny & Cosmin, Wedding Client

“I was so impressed with the way that Ilia connected with my daughter in order to make her feel so comfortable in a situation so out of her element. She has captured this time in our lives perfectly! Thank you so much Ilia for freezing a moment in my daughter’s ever changing, fast moving life!  They will stay with us forever!”

~Rebecca & Balee, Portrait Clients

“Our pictures are all I ever wished for, I love them so much! I go through them over and over again… I can’t get enough of them!! They capture the moment… thanks to you!”

~Dennis & Lina Budihardja, Wedding Clients

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