Luke + Lindsey ~ Vancouver Engagement Video

Last Spring I got an email from Lindsey… she and her fiancé Luke were looking for a photographer to capture their wedding day at the Cammidge House in Boundary Bay. They had found me through Lindsey’s bridesmaid Natasha, who happens to be an excellent photographer and super cool gal. No wonder they’re best friends! Lindsey and I chatted on the phone and decided to meet for coffee. We booked the wedding date, and I learned more about this beautiful couple and the incredible journey they are on.

Luke, an executive chef with Earls, had been offered a position in Miami as the company expands into the U.S. and Lindsey, was up for the adventure! I knew immediately that I wanted to create a portrait video for them since so many exciting things were happening in their lives. (As I write this, Luke and Lindsey are unpacking boxes in their new home in Miami) We planned a date for the video session and spent a Sunday in July together capturing some of their cherished places in Vancouver… their apartment in Kitsilano, their regular weekend trip to the Granville Island Market, and their favourite activity ~ creating and sharing amazing meals together.

I am so excited for these two as they embark on this next chapter in their lives and it was wonderful to hear from Lindsey last night after she watched the video..

ILIA the video is amazing!! Luke and I were just headed out for dinner (2nd night in Miami) and we watched the video.  Needless to say, I needed an extra 10 minutes of “getting ready” for my eyes to stop tearing and to re-apply make-up! You totally captured our love and we couldn’t thank you enough. We will never forgot the experiences we shared with you.

Stay tuned for photographs from their September Cammidge House wedding!

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