The Pines ~ St. Paul, MN Live Music @ James J Hill Library

Real-Phonic Radio Hour Click below to watch a slideshow from the event, then scroll down to view a selection of the

  • Jeffrey Falkowski

    Hi Ilia,

    I came across you site while looking for pictures of guitars. I’m starting a small music instrument rental business and thought one of the photos you shot might work well. Specifically the first shot on the reckless ones gallery. Lots of guitars, lots of amps, great vibe, cool musician but you cant really see his face. Right now, I’m thinking it would be on the homepage as part of 5 or 6 picture sliding gallery that would change every few seconds. Anyway, was wondering if you would be willing to let me use the picture. Of course I would pay you.

    I am a musician myself so can appreciate your abilities. Here is my musician site:

    I’m building my business site now so if you could let me as soon as possible if it would be possible to use the photo and how much it would be I would appreciate it.


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