Regeneration ~ Solo Exhibit at Kitchener City Hall’s Rotunda Gallery

This past August, my work was featured in a Solo Exhibit at Kitchener City Hall’s Rotunda Gallery. In October, the exhibit was moved to the Jane Bond in Waterloo. If you missed it, stay tuned, as a new location may be announced in 2012! 

Past meets present in August exhibit at Rotunda Gallery

An exploration of the past via the lifeline of cherished family photographs and artifacts is the subject of August’s exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall.

Regeneration by Ilia Horsburgh explores the poetic, transformative and therapeutic uses of photography in its relationship to origin, time, and sense of place.

“I encourage my subjects to return to the past through an original photograph – a photograph that has, for one reason or another, stood the test of time and held its place in the worn-out wallet folds, digital albums of ‘smart’ phones or household wall frames of the present,” says Horsburgh. ”While those memories may be misguided, misinformed or impossible to render accurately, the therapeutic benefit of recalling the past is what is left in question.”

Each piece exhibited will feature an original photograph, along with a re-enacted photograph. Referencing original details – including location, clothing and other visual elements, the subjects become actors and interpreters of the past.

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