Uganda, Africa ~ World Malaria Day

There are many wonderful organizations on the ground in Uganda and last year I had the opportunity to work for several, including HealthPartners, USAID and the President’s Malaria Initiative. I was sent with two key directives. One, to create photographs that would communicate key messages and information about Malaria and two, to work with local staff to enhance their capacity to take photographs “worth 1,000 words.” I was inspired by so many of the beautiful people I met, worked with and photographed during this time.

On April 25th, Uganda will host events for World Malaria Day. According to the World Health Organization, in 2010, almost half of the world’s population, 3.3 billion people – were at risk of malaria. People living in the poorest countries are the most vulnerable.

World Malaria Day is a day for recognizing the global effort to provide effective control of malaria. It is an opportunity for countries in the affected regions to learn from each other’s experiences and support each other’s efforts, for new donors to join a global partnership against malaria, for research and academic institutions to flag their scientific advances to both experts and general public; and for international partners, companies and foundations to showcase their efforts and reflect on how to scale up what has worked.

I created the slideshow below with the photographs I took last year that will be shown in Uganda for World Malaria Day in order to protect health and improve futures for Ugandans. I hope you will enjoy learning a little bit more about the wonderful people of Uganda, the challenges they face and the successes they are achieving every day.

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Created for: World Malaria Day 2012 (UGANDA), on assignment with HealthPartners, USAID and the President’s Malaria Initiative from Ilia Horsburgh on Vimeo.

© Ilia Horsburgh 2012

On assignment for HealthPartners Cooperative, USAID and the President’s Malaria Initiative

Created for World Malaria Day 2012 (UGANDA) by:

Ilia Horsburgh (Photographer/Consultant) and Jennifer Stockert (Director, HealthPartners)


  • Kate Swift

    Beautiful job Ilia. You should be so proud, that is really well done! xoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Higgins

    Ilia you are a vessel to share the worldwide message of hope, light and love. May your gift be spread for years and years to come. Thank you for being you.ReplyCancel

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